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Mar 18, 2004
ok? idk

haha caitlin.. what a great day!! it was soo stress free.. TAILSS LOVE YA GIRLLLLL << ha had to addd her in..yeah and tomorrow oH MANN ITS GONNA BE THE BEST NIGHT EVERRRRRRRRR >>> YESS I CANT EVEN WAIT CAUSE IM GONNA HAVE LIKE THIS PARTY IN MY ROOM CALLED THE LAURENS ROOM PARTY AND PEOPLE ARE COMING.. do you mind if i write back later cause i dont feel like it <33333 imma bichhh

Posted at 12:36 pm by laur
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Mar 17, 2004
o0hh yeahhhh

havent written inna while.. i kno u missed me. sorry guys.. anyway today was like okay i guess?.. i had to take the re-takes on my gepa for the beginning of the day.. and they were stupid.. then i went to sewing where me and jessie girl are making the coolest barney pants that we get to wear in our cool fashion show! and then i went to social studies and algebra and they were boring too.. danny broke my eraser in algebra so it sucked.. ha! what a poser.. so thennn went to lunch FULL GROUP with jessie haha and i helped her out with some of her problems with a test.. like getting mr. stella to change her grade,, that guy hes a great guy.. so then i went to chorus and had some fun... me caitlin lisa jess and annalisa YEAH JIMMY MCGUIRE PARTY !!! its gonna be great;. then i went to gym and had SO MUCH FUNNN.. it was great.. OH YEAH HE SCORED YOUR BUT!! HAHAHA CAITLIN AND JESS.. i say the greatest things.. and did you ever notice that billy only had one dimple... "it annoys him" but its okay.. tomorrow were doing taebo. thats funn so im gonna write back tonight after everything else happens.. or something..

Posted at 12:09 pm by laur
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Mar 14, 2004
soooo yesterday....

 so yesterday.. i went to jessicas and hung out with her AGAIN.. thats a whole lot of jess and lauren.. and we did nothing cause we had to babysit thomas and jilliaannn ( gOo SHARKS!! ) haha anyway and so we just hung around in jessies room with jenna and 'stuff' then we drank snapple.. and me and jenna beat jessica up in the kitchen and dragged her on the floor by her arms.. but we made sure she wasnt getting hurt.. i promise. so then everyones sleeping except me and jess and shes on the computer.. and then some kid that she doesnt know.. oh well you know what im not even gonna get into this.. anyway.. i got really mad at her last night and i flipped out and then i went to sleep.. but wait i missed the part of the night where Tom broke in the house and scared the hell out of all of us.. me jessie and jenna ran and hid in the room because we thought someone scary broke in and we left the 5 year olds out in the living room with the BIG MEAN PUPPY thats the size of jillians foot.. that should protect them.. anyway it was only tom! yeah that was before we beat jessica up i just forgot to tell you.. anyway back to the part where i flipped out on jessica for something that no one can know about.. and i went to sleep and she stayed on the computer talking to her boyfriend.. whoops.. so then she comes to sleep i guess.. and 12 oclock her phone rings and the door bell is going crazy and people are banging on the door.. but dont worry it was just the rentals.. haha so then in the morning me and jess woke up at like 8 because of the kiddies.. and we had fun looking at magazines in the kitchen and making fun of rap videos.. then i had to go home because my mom said so.. so now im home and its really early so i say im going back to bed cause its only 11:30.. bye cuties.. love you!!! JESSICAS MY FAVORITE FRIEND!! lOVE YOU GIRL EVEN THOUGH I YELLED AT YOU HAHAHA we all got a kick out of that !! BFFL>. STEPHANIES THE GREATEST !

Posted at 08:31 am by laur
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Mar 13, 2004

im so bored.. last night i hung out with jessie.. and we did nothing because she didnt get here until like 10.. and then we just hung out around the house for awhile.. and then cristina came over. so yeah it was a pretty boring night. then today jess went home at like 1.. and i did nothing. so later i think im going to the mall with cris but im not sure if we have rides yet.,., and i have to call matt at ritas because i forgot to give him my working papers because i was sick.. so now im gonna have to wait untill monday to get the job .. anyway me jessickeeee made my really cool name "ulearn swickall" its so great.. you just re-arrange the letters in your name to something stupid.. like taylor is Taroly.. we like that one.. TAILS ilu girl your awesome! haha and stephanie is like 'nephisate' .. were all just really weird.. anyway .. ill write back later.. oh and im the coolest person ever < but we all new that already
love you ! <3

Posted at 10:44 am by laur
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Mar 12, 2004
first time! lol

yeah so pretty boring day.. you know same old, same old. I sat home and watched the price is right and maury and all that fun stuff. I havent been in school for years! i miss school. i never wanted to go back so bad in my life. ive been really sick. but the doctors called back and said that 'its not mono' so thats the good news. but the bad news is no one knows what i have so they need to do more tests on me and stuff. i have black and blue marks on my arms because of all the needles and IV's i had.. its so weird.. im like dying.. ha! no just kidding i wont die kid'S. i promise.  So yeah hopefully ill be back on monday, things are looking good.. because i feel alot better today than i have been feeling.
  and like i hate doctors.. i swear i have been to the doctors like a zillion times this week. and every time i went there they told me something different.. none of them know what they are talking about at all.. okay and the suspenders that they where.. is that necessary?

            - first they said all i had was the common cold
                 - then they tested for strept throat.. which was negative
                      - then it was allergies?.. yeah doctors are just so bright.!!!
                           - then they were all like 'oh no! it could be mono' wrong again!
                                - and now no one is even trying to guess anymore.. so thats cool
 doctors mann they just make me mad ha!.. so anyway whats everyone doing tonight? party at laurens house.. a lauren and jessica party .. its gonna be slammin. you should come. ohh yeahhhh.. im so bored im waiting for everyone to get home from school so i can actually talk to someone.. except jon he's cool and he stayed home today too.. so at least i had someone to talk to! so monday kids.. ill be back in the school! cause i cant leave scarlett alone with those freaks for that long in science hha!! and stephanie misses me sooo much.. that girl shes my bestfriend haah! doOUble hoe i miss you too haha bffl!!! alright im gonna go i think im gonna go amuse myself.. maybe ill play some more solitare.. it always beats me though, ohh well ! alright peace out homies! <3333 ill write back later!!

Posted at 11:23 am by laur
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